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Featuring a bright spectrum of flavors and essences

Bee10Coffee is concentrated coffee and honey, blended in a unique way to form a coffee paste that is used to make a tasty cup of coffee by just adding hot water or hot milk. You can also engage your inner barista and whip up a Dalgona coffee, iced coffee, Cuban coffee, espresso, or cappuccino that is better than your favorite coffee shop.

Bee is for the honey, 10 is 10% to save the bees & Coffee is to enjoy

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How To Make Bee10Coffee

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Featuring a bright spectrum of flavors and essences

What’s Beaten Coffee?

Beaten coffee paste is made by combining dehydrated coffee and sugar with 2 tablespoons of hot water. This mixture is then “beaten” vigorously for 5 to 8 minutes until it is a light and fluffy paste.

Beating the paste in this manner takes the bitterness out of the coffee, making it smooth, creamy, and delicious. This paste is then used to make a convenient luscious cup of coffee by simply adding hot water!

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We're committed

Here at Bee10Coffee we have dedication and commitment to the pure, raw, unfiltered, and natural state of honey. We respect our beloved bees who make this liquid gold and would love to bring our love of coffee, bees, and honey to you.

Save the Bees